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Archibald Wilkes
Male 1782 - 1860

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  • Birth  1782  , Montgomery, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender  Male 
    Died  Between 1860 and 1870  , Franklin, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID  I3320  Herring Family of Callaway County, Missouri
    Last Modified  14 Nov 2008 
    Father  Henry Wilkes,   b. Abt 1758,   d. 1794 
    Mother  Sarah Burcham,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Family ID  F1315  Group Sheet
    Family  Lucy Burnett,   b. 24 Aug 1780, , , Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1850 
    Married  16 Jun 1803  , Bedford, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Jun. 11, 1803; Archibald Wilks & Lucy Burnett; Absolom Melton, Surety; Consent of Mabel Brient; Married by Alderson Weeks, June 16, 1803
      1803-June 11:Lucy Burnett - Archibald Wilks Bsm-Mabel Brient p165
    >1. Anne Wilkes,   b. Abt 1807, , , Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1870
     2. James Wilkes,   b. 1809, , , Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. John Wilkes,   b. 1812, , Franklin, Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     4. William E. Wilkes,   b. 1822, , , Virginia, USA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
    Last Modified  14 Nov 2008 
    Family ID  F1313  Group Sheet
  • Notes 
    • I'm using Archibald Wilks as the touchstone of my conclusions because I believe that we are descended from him if not precisely how we are.

      Archibald Wilks was born in 1782 Montgomery Co VA and died between 1860 & 1870 Franklin Co VA. He married Lucy Burnett d/o Joseph Burnett & Mabel Melton 16 June 1803 Bedford Co VA. We know that he had a son named William E. Wilks born 1822 with whom he was living on 1860 Franklin Co VA census. Barbara Eakley claimed that he also had sons James born 1809 married Elizabeth Crumb and John born 1812 who married a woman named Temperance. (I haven't been able to confirm or refute these two sons; and for now I have them listed as sons of Archibald) Also she believed that Peyton W. Wilks was also a son of Archibald (I now don't believe that there was a Peyton W. Wilks at all-although not to confuse you-Archibald Wilks had a brother named Peyton G. Wilks who migrated to Oregon and who married a woman named Anna Dallas). She also believed that Archibald had a daughter named Anna born 1804 who appears to have been the Anna Wilks listed on 1860 census with Archibald Wilks in household of William E. Wilks. I think that Anna Wilks was the mother of Rebecca Wilks and was the one living with William Henry Wilks and Rebecca Anne on 1870 Franklin Co census. In 1789 when Archibald was about 7 years old he was bound out to Anderson Melton in Bedford Co VA. Anderson Melton was the brother of Mabel Melton (m/o Lucy Burnett, Archibald's wife). They were the children of Absalom Melton who had a son named Allen Melton who married Ann Wilks (also called Elizabeth Ann Wilkes) 29 January 1787 Bedford Co VA. She's listed as a daughter of John Wilks & Elizabeth Mead who are believed to be Archibald Wilks' grandparents. Archibald's mother's name Sarah Wilks was listed on the court record when he was bound out; so we know his mother's name was Sarah; his father was deceased and not listed on the court record. It's believed his name may have been Henry but this is speculation and not proved; nor do I know what the basis of this speculation is. While I've come to doubt Barbara's research concerning Rebecca and William Henry (and Peyton W. Wilks), I haven't found any problems with her research of earlier Wilks-that seems to be good. (No, I'm not picking and choosing what looks good and what doesn't; from the start, I've had questions about Rebecca's ancestry-there were problems with it that weren't being addressed by Ms Eakley). It's believed then (and I do) that Archibald was a grandson of John Wilkes and Elizabeth Meade by a son of theirs. Circumstantially this fits well.

      Archibald is listed on 1810 Census and 1840 Census and again in 1860; but can't be found in 1820, 1830, or 1850.
      1810 Census Bedford Co VA
      Archibald Wilks 20020-3011 p487
      1M-10 James age 1 1F -10
      1M-10 ?? 1F -10
      1M 26-45 1F -10
      1M 26-45 Archibald age 28y 1F 16-26 1F 26-45 Lucy age 30
      Who is the male 26-45 whose wife was probably the female 16-26? I don't know, except that he can't be a son of Archibald & Lucy nor is it likely that the female age 16-26 was their daughter. I think that James born 1809 is one of the males under 10-the other may be Rebecca's father or could be a child of the other couple living with them. One of the females under 10 may be the Anna Wilks born c1804 who would have been about 6 years old in 1810. I don't know if the Anna Wilks listed on 1860 census was Archibald's daughter or daughter-in-law. I don't know who the other 2 females listed under 10 were on this census. They could be additional daughters of Archibald and/or daughters of the other couple in the household or a combination of both. William E. Wilks born 1822 s/o Archibald and Lucy obviously isn't listed yet nor is the John Wilks who married Temperance who was born about 1812. Archibald's siblings are listed as: Anna Wilks married Samuel Williams; Henry Wilks married 1811 Lucy Smith (this would rule him out as male 26-45 unless he married twice or female 16-26 was a sister of Archibald and not the wife of the male 26-45; Jesse J. Wilks born 1779 M: 1801 Bedford Co VA Judith Pratt. He would have been 31 in 1810 -he isn't found on 1810 census Bedford Co and so could very well be the male 26-45 listed. Jesse Wilks had two daughters born before 1810 and one who was born c1810; he had 2 sons born before 1810-Samuel born 1800 & Jesse born 1807; all of Jesse's children born before 1810 later married. So the question is-is this Jesse's family listed with Archibald? In which case, Archibald's son James born c1809 isn't accounted for since the 2 males under 10 would have to be Samuel & Jesse. Archibald's final sibling was Peyton G. Wilkes born 1794 who married in 1815 and would have been about 16 in 1810 and so can't be the male 26-45 listed in household. It's possible that the male 26-45 could be a sibling of Lucy Burnett's-I haven't pursued this and so can't say. Since Archibald & Lucy were married in 1803, it's very likely that some or all of the children under 10 years old listed on 1810 census were theirs. It's also possible that the male 26-45 was an unknown brother of Archibald's.

      1840 Census Bedford Co VA
      Archibald Wilkes 11010001-01122001 p267
      1 M -5 1F 5-10
      1M 5-10 1F 10-15
      1M 15-20 Wm E. age 18 1F 15-20
      1M 50-60 Archibald age 58y F 15-20
      1F 20-30
      1F 20-30
      1F 50-60 Lucy age 60

      This is Archibald & Lucy Wilkes in 1840. The male 15-20 would be William E. Wilks born 1822 who would have been 18 years old in 1840. I suspect that at least one or more of the females age 20-30 could have been daughters of Archibald & Lucy; however the younger children under 15 years old almost certainly weren't children of Lucy who was born 24 Aug 1780 and would have been 60 years old in 1840. I suspect that at least one of the females 20-30 was either a daughter or widowed daughter-in-law with her children living with Archibald & Lucy. Archibald Wilks can't be found anywhere on 1850 census and so we don't know where he was or who was living with him in 1850. Anna Wilks born c1807 listed age 53 on 1860 census and 63 on 1870 census could have been one of the females age 20-30 even though she would have been about 33 years old in 1840; though it was common enough for ages to be off on census records. I don't know who any of the females ages 20-30 actually were; however if one of them was Anna born c1807 then the younger females in the household MIGHT be Harriet born c1825 age 15 who could be one of the females age 15-20; Rebecca was born around 1831 (her birth date is hard to determine because as you'll see on her census records that she isn't consistent about her age) she could be the female age 10-15; and Sophia born c1832 age 8 in 1840 could be the female age 5-10. This leaves the two younger males unknown (of course this is speculation as to the identities of the females in the household).
      Archibald Wilks is found on 1860 census:
      D-396/382 p245

      William E. 38 Shoemaker
      Adline 38
      Elizabeth 14
      Karen 6
      Archibald 78 Carpenter
      Lucy 78
      Anna 53
      Lucy 17
      This is Archibald Wilks living with his wife Lucy in the household of his son William E. Wilks in Gills Creek Twp Franklin Co VA. It appears that Lucy age 17 was the d/o Anna age 53 in household. The question is: Was Anna the d/o of Archibald or daughter-in-law? I don't know.

      1860 Census-Franklin Co VA-Gill Creek Twp-NE Division-Wilkes p252 D-441/425
      Rebecca 33
      Missouri 8
      Josephine 2
      Lucy Wilks 18

      This is Rebecca Anne Wilks listed on 1860 census as head of household. Note that William Henry Wilks is NOT listed with her. This family is listed in the same township as Archibald Wilks. I believe that Lucy Wilks age 18 listed in Rebecca's household was in fact the Lucy also listed on 1860 census in William E. Wilks household. Missouri Evelyn was listed as being born November 1852 on 1900 census and Josephine was born in 1858. Were they actually the daughters of William Henry Wilks or not-I can't say. It appears to me that they may have been either illegitimate or the children of a possible first husband of Rebecca also named Wilks. This is one of those "unanswered questions" I mentioned earlier. I've always wondered why Rebecca was listed on 1860 census as head of household without William Henry Wilks. Now, obviously there can be any number of reasons why William wasn't listed, the most obvious would be that he was absent from home for some reason and wasn't listed; however, on any given day when the census taker dropped showed up not all family members would have been present all the time. It's possible that there were marital problems and some type of separation had occurred (after all-where does Rebecca get the wherewithal to live on her own?). Another possibility is that William H. Wilks may have been in jail and Rebecca was concealing this; however, he wasn't listed on 1860 census in Virginia -inmates were listed on census records). My speculation, based on the death record, is that Rebecca Ann Wilks was unmarried in 1860. This would mean that Missouri & Josephine were illegitimate -but this really isn't a far-fetched conclusion-first note the 6 year difference in their ages; 2nd illegitimate children weren't unknown in this family. Harriet Wilks (whom I now believe was a sister of Rebecca) was the common-law wife of Booker Smith and by whom she had 7 children all illegitimate); Missouri Evelyn had Marcus before she married John H. Ferguson; Mabel Burnett the m/o Lucy Burnett (w/o Archibald) had a sister named Elizabeth who had as many as 6 children out of wedlock and I now suspect that Anna Wilks listed on 1860 census may have actually been the d/o Archibald & Lucy and that her children may have also been born out of wedlock and or she was married to a Wilks cousin hence the surname Wilks. Booker Smith was listed on page 253 1860 census D-446/430 so they were actually only 5 houses away from Rebecca Wilks on 1860 census. I haven't been able to find a Rebecca Craig/Craggit/Craighead or Rebecca Overstreet on 1850 census in either Bedford or Franklin Co Virginia-which doesn't mean she might not be listed elsewhere. However, I think that she was with the Archibald Wilks family and wasn't listed.

      I now suspect that the following was William Henry Wilks (h/o Rebecca):

      1850 CENSUS FRANKLIN CO VA p85 D-385/384
      Robert P. Dillon 41 VA 500
      Martha 36 VA
      Nancy 17 VA
      Sylas 7 VA
      Henry 4 VA
      Calvin 2 VA
      William Wilks 14 VA

      1832-May 15 Franklin Co VA: Robt. P. Dillion & Martha Dillion Sur: John Saunders p140 (p73

      The age is off by about 3 years since William Wilks was listed as 39 on 1870 census:

      1870 Census-Franklin Co VA-Wilkes

      P.O. Rocky Mount VA-Gill Creek Twp-NE Division-July 29, 1870-Claiborne list
      William 39 Farm laborer $125 cannot read and write D-89
      Anne 63 a mother "
      Rebecca 39 William's wife-keeps house "
      Sallie 21 sister "
      Josephine 12 Rufus' sister
      John 8 Uncle John-brother
      Texanna 5 Anna Wilks Aliff?
      Arlina 2

      Note that Rebecca lists her age as 39 in 1870 and 33 in 1860. As I said, this makes her age hard to pin down. William couldn't read or write so it's very possible he was off with his age as well. The interesting thing is that Robert P. Dillon was listed on the same page as William Wilks on 1870 census Franklin Co; in fact they are listed 4 households apart. I haven't been able to find William Wilks on 1860 census. There were these "orphaned" Wilks children listed on 1850 census Franklin Co VA:

      1850 Census Franklin Co VA p172 D-1653/1647
      Elijah Mitchell 40 VA 700
      Ellanor 41 VA
      William L. 14 VA
      Mary A. 3 VA
      Richard F. Wilks 18 VA
      Elizabeth Carter 27 VA
      Margaret Wilks 16 VA
      Flora A. 81 VA

      1832-April 26 Franklin Co VA: Elisha Mitchell & Eleanor Gregory d/o Richard F. Sur: Samuel Mitchell p90 (p163
      I don't know who Flora A. Wilks age 81 was.

      1850 Census Franklin Co VA p172 D-1654/1658
      Margaret Gregory 84 VA Farmer 300 (w/o Michael? Richard)
      Mary Wilks 46 VA

      1831-May 5 Franklin Co VA: Jonathan Wilks & Mary Gregory d/o Bichael (?) Sur: Elisha Mitchell

      1850 Census Franklin Co VA p173 D-667/1660
      James Arnold 49 VA Farmer 2000
      Julia 45 VA
      James M. 15 VA
      Susan 14 VA
      Gresham R. 11 VA
      Edwin E. 9 VA
      Oscar F. 6 VA
      Samuel F. 2 VA
      Male 8/12 VA
      Sarah J. Wilks 16 VA
      Susan " 15 VA
      Eliza " 10 VA

      I think it's possible that William Wilks (h/o Rebecca) may have been the brother of Richard Wilks listed on 1850 census in household of Elijah Mitchell (whom I think was actually Elisha Mitchell). Pat said that family history has it that William Wilks had a brother in the CSA and Richard would fit:

      p159-Richard F. Wilke/Wilkes-pvt Co G 57th VA Regt-Inf "Ladies Guard" CSA ( 5 9/30)

      Jonathan Wilks married May 5 1831 Franklin Co VA Mary Gregory could be the f/o William H. Wilks. I haven't yet proved this; but it's possible.

      Most of the children listed above can be found in 1860:

      1860 CENSUS FRANKLIN CO VA p150 D-1065/1064
      Mary Wilks 50 VA
      Eliza 20 VA

      Note that Eliza age 20 appears to be the Eliza age 10 listed in 1850 in household of James Arnold.

      1860 Census Franklin Co VA p150 /1065
      Richard F. Wilks 27 VA Farmer
      Sarah 21 VA
      Jas. W. 1 VA

      1860 Census Franklin Co VA p150 D-068/1067
      Elisha Mitchell 49 VA
      Eleanor R. 49 VA
      Wm. S. 23 VA
      Mary P. 12 VA
      Sarah J. 21 VA
      Albert 2 VA
      Eleanor M. Wilks 25 VA

      Barbara Eakley claimed that Sophia Wilks was a sister of William H. Wilks and that they were the children of Peyton W. Wilks and Anne Ashwell (which can't be true). As I said, I now think that Sophia was actually Rebecca's sister. Her death record and Rebecca's seems to bear this out:

      Rebecca Wilks (white female) d. 1 Mar 1885 Franklin Co of pneumonia, age 45y, d/o Blade & Ann Wilks, b. Franklin Co, John P. Ferguson son-in-law reported (probably should be read John H. Ferguson) p205

      Sophia A. Wilks (white female) d. 30 Jul 1880 Franklin Co of fever age 48yr, d/o Anna Wilks, b. Bedford Co, William E. Wilks uncle reported (p205

      Note that William E. Wilks (b:1822) is listed as the uncle of Sophia Wilks (who apparently never married). Both she and Rebecca are listed as daughters of Ann/Anna Wilks. Rebecca is listed as the d/o "Blade" Wilks -I wonder if this might not be "Blue" Wilks

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