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Grogan family Headstone Photo, Hillcrest Cemetery

Grogan family headstone. Several members of this family buried here without headstones. This memorial headstone was put here by Stella Grogan, a daughter of the family. Buried here are: Patrick J. Grogan, Mar. 1846 - Feb. 7, 1908. He married Sarah Ellen Carter. She was a daughter of John G. Carter and Matilda J. Herring, and was my great grandaunt. Alma Carter Grogan, Jul. 12, 1890 - Jan. 24, 1914, daughter of Patrick and Sarah Carter Grogan. Her twin sister, Elma Corrigan Grogan, July 12, 1890 - Nov. 2, 1905. They were my 1st cousins twice removed. And, William M. Grogan, Dec. 1877 - July 4, 1904, son of Patrick and Sarah Carter Grogan, and his wife, unknown Grogan, Feb. 1, 1905. The other members of this family are buried in St. Louis.

 Grogan family Headstone Photo, Hillcrest Cemetery, Callaway County genealogy

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