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In 1825, searching for new land for their families, George Washington Herring Sr. and his cousin John B. Herring first came to Missouri. They scouted out the land, liked what they found and returned to Albemarle Co. Virginia.

In the 1830's the Herring families began their trek from Albemarle County Virginia to Callaway County Missouri. From studying land plats, probate packets, and other records, we believe we have the order in which they came.

1831 - Benjamin Herring (brother of George Herring)
Benjamin's son John B. and wife Mariah Hill Herring, and their two daughters Matilda J. and Mary Ann Herring.
Benjamin's daughter Mary and husband Thomas T. Tatum and their children, Sarah, Nancy and John, daughter Mary was born in Missouri.
Benjamin's daughter Nancy and husband Issac D. Crossthwait and their son Issac P., daughter Lucy was born in Missouri.
Benjamin's daughter Sarah and husband William Jordan Payne did not leave Virginia.

1835 - George Washington Herring Sr. (son of George Herring) and wife Lucy Simco Herring, and their children James E., Julia Ann, and Georgia Anne. Their other seven children, John Luther, Jane Francis, William H., Mary E., George W. Jr., Susan E., and Willis Dabney, were born in Missouri.
Nathan Herring (son of George Herring), his wife Susan Hill Herring, and their children Eliza, Georgia Anne, Mary E., and Sarah. Daughter Permelia and son Ebenezer were born in Missouri.

1838 - John Herring (son of George Herring), his wife Lucy Carver Herring, and their children: James C., John P., George W., William J., Andrew C., Eliza S., Dabney C., Gideon, and Nancy. Son Thomas was born in Missouri.

The Herring's have always been educated and placed a high importance on being able to read and write as far back as the mid-1700's. It seems that every adult Herring who came from Albemarle Co. Virginia to Callaway Co. Missouri was able to read and write. By 1900, the Herring family included school teachers, lawyers, judges, a Superintendent of the St. Charles schools, justices of the peace, and politicians. My grandfather, Dolor Washington Herring, went from being raised on a farm to teaching school, then starting the Tebbetts Missouri newspaper, and finally becoming a lawyer and judge in Fulton Missouri by 1900. One of the Callaway county schools was located on my great great grandfather, George Washington Herring Sr.'s land, and was named the Herring School.

I have great admiration for the wives of these Herring men, they packed up their children, traveled in covered wagons and by boat, to a new and unknown life. They left behind relatives and friends and the only life they had ever known to make the move to Missouri.

The trip was made by wagon across Virginia into Kentucky. Once they reached the Ohio river, they left the wagons behind and traveled by boat on the Ohio to the Mississippi, then up to the Missouri river, and on the Missouri until they reached Callaway County.

The first Herrings to Missouri were farmers. They built their houses and improved their lands and their families grew. Behind their success were their women, pioneer women who usually had a new baby every two years or so over at least 20 years, and still managed to keep everything going with none of the modern conveniences we take for granted now.

The Carrington and Carter families made similar trips. The Carter family moved from Virginia to settle in Kentucky first and then moved on to Missouri in the 1830's. The Carrington's came from Maryland to Kentucky and then moved to Missouri in the 1820's.

This site is an ongoing labor of love, finding all the pieces to solve the puzzles of who they were, and in turn discovering who I am.

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Benjamin Herring b: approx. 1740 (Revolutionary war veteran, given grant of land near Jefferson estate at Charlottesville, Va. after the war, we do not have proof of that yet, but have found reference to it in several old family papers.) Our research has not proved that Benjamin is the right name. We are still searching the Virginia records. We believe that it might have been John Benjamin, but do not have documents to prove that yet. We do know that two of his sons, George and Benjamin (below), were the ancestors of the Herrings in Callaway County Missouri. We also have found documents that show the Herring, Simcoe and Hill families were neighbors, all living next to the Jefferson Estate in Albemarle Co., Virginia in the late 1700's.

From what we have found so far, Benjamin had at least two sons. George and Benjamin. Three of George's sons; George W., Nathan, and John, along with Benjamin and his son, John B. were the original Herring men to come to Callaway County Missouri from Albemarle County Virginia.

The Herrings that descended from brothers George and Benjamin Herring are my parents ancestors. George's son, John Herring is the ancestor of my mother's father, C.D. Jack Carrington. George's son, George W. Herring, is the ancestor of my father's father, Dolor W. Herring. Benjamin is the ancestor of my father's mother, Josephine Carter. All the Herrings on these web pages are descended from one person, the father of George and Benjamin Herring, from the mid 1700's in Albemarle County Virginia.

  1. George Herring b: Before 1765, Albemarle Co., Virginia
    • married Elizabeth Closby (Glaspy?)
    • Children:
    1. Jonathan Herring
      • b: Abt. 1789, Albemarle Co., Va. He did not come to Missouri
      • married 23 Mar 1814
      • Susan Hill (daughter of Henry Hill)
    2. George Washington Herring, my great great grandfather
      • b: 1794 Albemarle Co., Virginia d: July 23, 1876 Callaway Co, Missouri
      • 1. married 16 Dec 1818
      • Polly Carver (daughter of Jarrell Carver) sister of Lucy Carver, died probably early 1820's.
      • 2. married 28 Dec 1829
      • Lucy Simco b: November 28, 1808 Madison Co. Virginia d: April 7 1896 Callaway Co. Missouri (daughter of James Simco)
    3. John Herring, my great great great grandfather
      • b: 1798 Albemarle Co., Va. d: 14 Sept 1864 Callaway Co, Mo.
      • married 3 Dec 1818
      • Lucy Carver b: 16 Apr 1796 d: 30 Mar 1873 (daughter of Jarrell Carver), sister of Polly Carver
    4. Nathan Herring
      • b: 1799 Albemarle Co., Va. d: 3 Apr 1884 Callaway Co, Mo.
      • married 1 Nov 1827
      • Susan Hill b: 1802 Albemarle Co., Va. d: 28 July 1884 Callaway Co, Mo.
    5. Lucy Herring,
      • b: about 1800 Albemarle Co., Va. Did not come to Callaway County
      • married 26 June 1818
      • George Reynor
  2. Benjamin Herring
    • b: between 1766 and 1775, Albemarle Co., Va. d: abt Nov 1838 Callaway Co., Mo.
    • married 27 Dec 1797
    • Nancy Hill b: between 1778 and 1784, Albemarle Co., Va. d: between 1810 and 1820, Albemarle Co. Va. (daughter of Henry Hill)
    • Children:
    1. John B. Herring, my great great great grandfather
      • b: abt. 1798 Albemarle Co., Va. d: between July - Sept. 1841 Callaway Co, Mo.
      • married 11 Nov. 1819
      • Mariah Hill b: 1796 Albemarle Co., Va. d: 28 Jan 1879 Callaway Co, Mo. (daughter of Charles Hill)
    2. Mary A. Herring
      • b: 21 Apr 1802 Albemarle Co., Va. d: 12 Feb 1844 Callaway Co, Mo.
      • married 1 Jan 1827
      • Thomas T. Tatum b: abt. 1803, Albemarle Co., Va. d: after 1850, Callaway Co, Mo.
    3. Nancy Herring
      • b: 1806 Albemarle Co., Va. d: Oct. 4, 1882, Callaway Co, Mo.
      • married 1 Jan 1827
      • Isaac D. Crosthwait b: before 1807, Albemarle Co., Va. d: abt. 1840, Callaway Co, Mo.
    4. Sarah Herring
      • b: abt. 1810 Albemarle Co., Va. d: 1885 Fluvanna Co. Va.
      • married 28 Jul 1831, Fluvanna Co, Va
      • William Jordan Payne b: 23 Sep 1806, Fluvanna Co. Va, d: 24 Feb 1890 Fluvanna Co. Va. This family had 10 children in Virginia.

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